Exercise is probably my favorite topic to talk about.  There are SO many exercises out there, and it is always exciting to learn about a new one.  The key to figuring out what exercise program or exercise style is best for you, depends on your ultimate fitness goal.  If you are looking to put on muscle size, your exercise program will be much different than someone who is looking to “tone up” and “lean out” for vacation.  A soccer players workout will also differ from a football lineman’s workout.  And their workouts will differ from in-season to post-season.  There is so much that needs to be taken into account when designing or following a workout routine.

I am here to demonstrate new exercises for you to try, as well as, demonstrate correct form for most of your common exercises.  The last thing you want to do is injure yourself while working out, so please take the time to watch the videos and pay attention to form.  If you have questions, email info@thefitandfablife.com or leave a comment below.


Compound Movements:

These exercises target multiple muscle groups at once

Renegade Row Burpee to Shoulder Press

The Fit and Fab Life



Single Arm Single Leg Cable Row





Upper Body:



BOSU Plank with Straight Bar


Lower Body:


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